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 “Dear God, I realize I am a sinner and could never reach heaven by my own good deeds. Right now I place my faith in Jesus Christ as God’s Son who died and rose again to give me eternal life. I trust in Jesus alone. Please forgive me of my sins and help me to live for you. Thank you for accepting me and giving me eternal life.”


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Mama Mabel

Brussels, Belgium

Pastor Bright, you told us on Monday while we were praying that someone will testify this week,  claimed it. I am testifying to the glory of God that my document was released to me yesterday.

I give God the glory, honor and adoration. Thanks sir, may God continue to use you for His glory IJN. Amen!

[00:02, 25/08/17]

Mama Justina

London, UK

Good morning Pastor Bright, I have a testimony. During the prayer on Monday you said you saw pain. You instructed us to lay our hands on the area. I placed my hand on my waist. After that I slept, by morning the pain was gone. Praise master Jesus!!!

[09:22, 09/08/17]

Mama Mabel

Brussels, Belgium

My heart is full of joy and with thanks to God for granting me my permanent residence in Belgium. I want to thank all OBSPO prayer partners for their unrelenting prayers and support, I want to also thank Pastor Bright, may God reward you all in Jesus name. Amen!

[22:22, 21/07/17]


London, England

I thank God for granting my prayer request in giving me a life partner and God did it again by granting me the fruit of the womb. I thank my brethren in OBSPO and Pastor Bright for their prayer support. God bless you all at OBSPO.

[19:21, 11/06/17]


London, England

The wife I brought from Nigeria called Police to say I had sex with my 3 years old daughter so she can make me a pedophile, send me to jail and take my house. Baby was taken to 5 specialist for test but nothing was found. She came up with another story that I raped her that's why she got pregnant and married me, a DNA test was carried out and result showed that the child is not mine. God has saved me from all her evil plans. My house is safe and she's on her way back to Nigeria after court judgement.

[07:15, 28/07/16]



Good morning  brothers  and sisters, I want to thank God for giving me a life partner, my wedding is on Saturday, 9th July. Please I want you all to join me in prayer for the coming wedding. I wanted  to come online to give thanks to God and to Pastor Bright, but I am having problem with the connection. God bless  you all and stay blessed. Thanks Pastor, may God bless you sir for your prayers for me

[00:12, 08/07/2016]


Lyon, France

I have been searching for a job, been going through terrible times with my family. After OBSPO Mid-June prayer and fasting I received my testimony. Now I have a good job to the glory of God. I thank Pastor Bright and the OBSPO prayer team for remembering me in prayers.

[21:33, 07/07/2016]



I thank God for what He has done for me! Please, all of you follow me to thank God and Pastor Bright for my document has been issued to me. I thank God for my testimony!

[03:22, 06/05/2016]


Lagos, Nigeria

I am particularly blessed by tonight's prayer. It ministered so much about me. I believe that I am delivered after saying these prayers. May God bless Pastor Bright and continue to use him mightily in Jesus name . Amen.
[11:33, 08/04/2016] 


The Netherlands

Good evening brothers and sisters, I want you all to join me to praise the Lord. My son has left 8 months ago to Libya and today I have heard from my son, he called me today that he is in Italy. I Thank God for saving his life and I also want to thank Pastor Bright for his prayers and support. Thank you all and God bless you, have a blessed night.

[19:31, 17/03/2016]


Lyon, France

Brothers and Sisters I give glory to God for his faithfulness and grace. My wife has been filling for a french visa for the past two years but was denied. After Pastor Bright prayed for me, the french embassy in Nigeria called her for the visa, now she has arrived France. Glory be to God in the highest. God will never disappoint those who put their trust in him. God has not forgotten you, your testimony is coming! In Jesus most wonderful name! Amen.

[18:22, 12/02/2016]



I thank you all for supporting me and my family in prayers during my wife's labour, it was a miracle, my was in labour for several hoursbut after Pastor Bright prayed for me, immediately the baby came out. Doctor was shocked! My wife is healthy and the baby is healthy too God bless Pastor Bright and you all for me in Jesus name. Amen.

[12:00, 07/02/2016]


London, UK

My brothers and sisters please help me thank God,worship his name. A friend who has had 3 miscarriages back to back gave birth few minutes ago to a bouncing baby boy. The Lord is faithful!!!!

[03:48, 05/02/2016] 


PineHouse Lake, Canada

Prayers are working, there is power in the name of Jesus. thank you Lord for family..she's doing good. She's in the intensive care..all I could say we serve a mighty God that heals..thank you Lord Jesus.

[02:00, 04/02/2016]



Hello Brethren, thank you for praying for my aunt called Evas, she was supposed to give birth a month ago but to no avail. Many Great thanks to every one who prayed with me for my aunt called Evas weeks back.She gave birth very well to a baby bouncing boy. Thanks also to Pastor Bright. God is faithful. John 14:14. God bless you all.

[22:01, 02/02/2016

Kent, England

I and my  family will like to  thank you all from our hearts for your prayers, emotional, financial and practical support during the passing and funeral of our dear mother. May the Almighty God bless and replenish you many times over, in Jesus's name, Amen.

With Love, Paula.(On behalf of the family)

[19:00, 21/09/2015]

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